Audit, Accounting & Computer Services

business-strategy We believe in making financial statements simple and easily understood by the client and their users. They become a "tool" for both us and the client - for us, in helping show how to more effectively run the business, and for the client, to be used as a management guide in running the business. We strive to understand each entities business, and structure our efforts on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company's operation. We help clients establish logical accounting policies and we design our engagements with meaningful procedures that support our professional opinion. These methods allow us to focus on the areas that are most important to a company's continued success. For our audit clients, we supplement our reports with suggestions for strengthening management procedures and improving operating results.

Our computer services include a variety of software packages to meet the needs of our various clientele. We have been members of the Creative Solutions family for over ten years, which provides us with the majority of our tax, depreciation and accounting software. We are also members of the QuickBooks Professional Advisors Program for the many small business clients we serve. Our staff is also proficient in Peachtree, Client Bookkeeping Solution, Word, Excel and various other software programs that may need your support. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the many options available.

Our philosophy rests upon knowing our clients and their business. We use personalized service to create a practical and efficient accounting system that produces useful, easily understood financial statements.