Tax & Business Consulting


Quality tax service is more than filing tax returns on a timely basis. Quality tax service includes proactive tax planning which enables clients to take advantage of the opportunities to reduce taxes that are part of the tax system. Our tax department is proud of our tradition of providing accurate, timely tax reporting. We are even prouder of our ability to proactively minimize taxes.

While minimizing taxes is desirable, we recognize that in many cases personal or economic factors outweigh the tax consequences of a transaction. By establishing a relationship with our clients we attempt to learn their priorities so that we can put the non-tax factors into their planning. In all planning we consider the personal effects of decisions on the client, their family, and their employees. Next we consider economic realities. A decision that can save tax dollars may not make sense economically. After gaining an understanding of the personal and economic goals of the client, we work within that framework to minimize the tax burden.

Knowing our clients is the key to our success. Personalized service enables us to provide effective, comprehensive business planning.